Radius Network

Part 1 - Fairer, Safer and Freer
The Radius Network Foundation adapts itself to the FSF rule. Radius Network's main goal is Free - Secure - Fair; an active digital asset unit that advocates decentralised market rules and minimises brokerage commissions for its investors.
In line with this goal, Radius Network aims to earn Interest, Borrowing and Lending Interest for its Investors.
FAIR: World Currency for World Citizens:
The centralised mentality in national and international trading foci and platforms is based on monetising these platforms.
However, Radius eliminates this intermediary in purchases made for the trade of Banking service and social services, preventing factors other than the seller and buyer from making money. With Radius Network Foundation products, you can buy and sell your products more profitably.
Radius Network Foundation products are an alternative to the unfair commission system in t
he worldFor this: it is our main task to realise this idea and platforms that will eliminate extra payment for products,
At the same time, Radius, which offers various services to its investors and aims to increase its value day by day, does not depend on a person or team for critical decisions thanks to its decentralised structure. Radius Network ensures that its investors have a say in decision-making processes by adhering to the investor community.
Thanks to the Governance Token, which are virtual assets developed for this purpose in order for users to have a say in critical decisions that will shape the future of their protocols, token users have the right to make decisions about the product to be developed within the scope of the project's roadmap or new features to be added to the system.
Welcome to "tokenocracy", the privilege of the Radius Network Foundation..
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